Sunday, June 20, 2010


Washing the dishes after pizza. We had a long day today. Annelies is the only nurse on duty this weekend. We had our first patient a machete wound show up on our doorstep. He cut through most of his finger and fingernail. It was an ugly wound needed stitches. Next was a woman with a fever and a man having problems loosing water. Then finally cleaning the wound of a lady that got her foot in the spokes of a motorcycle. Be glad I soared you the photos on that one. After that it was rounds at the hospital and a woman with a problem we could not help.
That was yesterday this morning we woke up to a knock on our door for a man that could not pee. These cases are kind of nice because it is an easy fix and relieves so much pain. Annelies is now taking care of a small child that had a large abcess on his face, it is very painfull for the child and he is crying loudly.

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